How to Make the Most of the CFT Newsroom
Find the information you want quickly!


There are several ways to find stories in our Newsroom on the topics you desire.


  • By Division of Education: In the main navigation you can select stories by division of the CFT — PreK-12, Classified, Community College, University, Retired. Articles that affect all union members are not tagged to divisions.
  • By Topic: You may also select stories by one of 16 overarching topics.
  • By Newsletter: Many stories are published as part of a newsletter. In the main navigation, you can click on the name of the union newsletter to find all stories published in that newsletter. Additionally, if you click the + after the newsletter name, you will find a chronological Index of issues for each newsletter.

Drill down using TAGS and SEARCH

  • By Tag: Most of our articles are also tagged. You will find the tag in small caps above the headline. Tags allow you to follow particular content and to follow the arc of CFT’s work on a particular issue. For example, you can find our pandemic stories under the tag CORONAVIRUS, and columns by the CFT president under the UP FRONT tag. Similarly, you can follow campaigns such as RACIAL JUSTICE or a ballot measure such as PROPOSITION 30 by clicking on the tag.
  • Through Search: Our website has a robust search. Tags themselves will come up in search too. If when you search, a tag comes up and and click on it, you will find all stories tagged to that topic.

Please note: You may experience typical limitations of search such as the inability of certain words to produce the content. We we suggest you keep trying related words.