Take Action


Member-driven committees examine educational issues

Serving on a union committee is a great way to share your expertise and further your profession. The standing committees of the CFT work on areas of interest to educators, ranging from special education to labor education. The committees meet several times a year, usually on Saturdays, and the CFT covers the cost of travel expenses.


Legislative Advocacy
Everything you need to become a successful member lobbyist

Each year, the CFT sponsors several legislative bills. Ideas for legislation may come from a number of sources, but typically members communicate their issues through CFT governance meetings and resolutions passed by Convention and State Council. Once the CFT adopts a sponsored bill program, staff lobbyists work to secure legislators who will author the bills, and see the bills through the legislative process and onto the governor’s desk.

The California Legislature may seem daunting, but armed with a simple understanding of the legislative process, you can become an effective member lobbyist almost overnight. Our legislators need to hear from you!


Build a stronger union and workplace community

Topnotch CFT organizers provide strategic support to local unions, which is essential to achieving success in our bargaining and issue campaigns. As part of the California Organizing Project, staff organizers help locals achieve their organizational goals by employing numerous techniques to reach union members — from traditional one-on-one outreach to digital tools such as texting. 


Political Action
Build power in your workplace and your community

Through the union’s Committee on Political Education, the CFT provides a strong voice in shaping the political climate that, in turn, shapes education in California and the nation. The CFT interviews candidates to determine those most committed and capable of championing the interests of educators and classified employees locally and in the State Capitol. When the union finds true supporters of member interests, the union endorses them.



The Federation recognizes local achievement in many forms, from outstanding individuall achievement to organizing and communications.  Some awards accept nominations, so please consider nominating the all-stars in your local union for these CFT awards.