Our retirees are a vital force in the union

The power of organized retirees is not to be underestimated and the Council of Retired Members knows that. Every retired member is eligible to remain a member for life, for free, and that membership provides subscriptions to CFT and AFT publications.

The best way for retirees to get involved is through your local union. A number of CFT local unions have retiree chapters; to find out if your local has one, look for a retiree chapter after your local union in our directory, or contact your local officers.


Council Officers

John Perez, President
United Teachers Los Angeles, Retiree Chapter,  AFT Local 1021-R

Ann Killebrew, Northern Vice President
San Francisco Community College District Federation of Teachers, Retiree Chapter, AFT Local 2121-R

Dennis Cox, Southern Vice President
ABC Federation of Teachers, Retiree Chapter, AFT Local 2317-R

Michael Nye, At-Large Representative
California Federation of Teachers, AFT Local 8004-R

Sandra Baringer, Secretary Treasurer
University Council-AFT, Retiree Chapter, AFT Local 9999-R

The Council of Retired Members Constitution governs the division. 

California Teacher CFT 100

Council of Retired Members taps a resource: Retirees are “stickin’ to the union”

Download a single-sheet illustrated history of the Council of Retired Members

What retirees have that unions need — knowledge, experience and memories — are concentrated in the Council of Retired Members, the newest division of CFT. Convention delegates in 2014 overwhelmingly voted to add the council to the union’s governance structure so retirees could contribute in the same way as working teachers and classified employees.