Early Childhood/TK-12


Early Childhood/TK-12 Council
The voice of classroom teachers in California

The EC/TK-12 Council ensures that early childhood educators and TK-12 teachers have a voice within CFT, in the California Legislature, at the State Board of Education, the Commission on Teacher Credentialing, and other venues where education policy is developed. The Council is a fierce advocate for teachers having the necessary tools to do their jobs and for California students to have access to the highest quality education.


Division Officers

Rico Tamayo

Representatives from member local unions in the division elect officers of the EC/TK-12 Council. You can reach the elected leaders by emailing them below.

Steven McDougall, President
Salinas Valley Federation of Teachers, AFT Local 1020

Regina Chagolla, Northern Vice President
Berkeley Federation of Teachers, AFT Local 1078

Marcie Chagoya, Southern Vice President
United Teachers Los Angeles, AFT Local 1021

Tanya Golden, Senior Vice President
ABC Federation of Teachers, AFT Local 2317

Adan Luevano, Secretary
United Educators of San Francisco, AFT Local 61

EC/TK-12 Council Constitution governs the division.

California Teacher CFT 100

PreK-12 Council leads the way on educational issues

Download a single-sheet illustrated history of the EC/TK-12 Council

The CFT originally formed as a union of K-12 teachers. As other education workers joined, the membership of CFT diversified. Because the CFT had a working group of teachers — called the QuEST Council — which dealt with curriculum and policy issues, and reviewed current legislation, there was little pressure for a separate K-12 council.