CFT United

CFT United, previously named California Teacher, is the CFT’s flagship magazine that is emailed to all union members. The award-winning magazine contains union news and positions of import to members, and covers major issues in each educational division of the CFT: PreK-12, Classified, Community College, University, and Retired. The magazine has won numerous awards from labor communications groups for its excellence in storytelling.

The first issue of California Teacher was published in 1948, and members received it in print for 70 years before it became a web-based digital publication. In the fall of 2019, the magazine was renamed CFT United to better reflect the union’s diverse membership. Under its new name, the magazine continues to bring members the same high-quality content and news of the CFT. Browse by date below or by index here.


Classified Insider

Classified Insider advocates for the rights of classified employees and paraprofessionals by exploring the workplace issues of support staff in California public schools, community colleges, county offices of education, and private schools. Classified members also receive regular news in the Classified section of the all-union newsletter CFT United. Browse by date below or by index here.​



Part-Timer promotes the interests of part-time faculty working in the California community colleges. It contains news about the movement to establish better conditions of employment for adjunct faculty, both in California and North America. Browse by date below or by index here.​​


Community College Perspective

The Perspective is the newsletter of the CFT Community College Council, the largest organization of community college faculty in the state. It covers educational issues, politics, legislation, and collective bargaining.