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COVID-19 Resources

pandemic toolkit

The CFT works with members and state officials to find the best path forward for educators, staff, students, and communities during the coronavirus pandemic. Find the resources you need here.


Member Benefits
You are not alone in the workplace

As a member of the CFT, you are part of a vital and active organization committed to upholding educational standards for our students and ensuring the best possible workplace for you. The power of the union stems from collective action. That begins with you, but you don’t stand alone. The CFT stands with you.


AFT+ Programs
Dozens of high-quality service and discount programs

Through the CFT, AFT and the AFL-CIO, members have access high-quality services and discounts, adding tremendous value to your union membership. As a CFT member, you are entitled to more than three dozen programs offered through AFT+ Member Benefits. You will find complete benefit information on the AFT website. Below, we’ve highlighted four of special interest to CFT members. 


Resource Library
Find what you need quickly!

If you need a union flyer or resource quickly, this is the place for you! Here you will find shortcuts to dozens of flyers, pamphlets and booklets that are posted throughout the CFT website. The first section contains items for all union members, followed by breakouts with more items for each division. At the bottom of the page, we’ve linked most of our online toolkits, which contain even more resources on specific topics. 


Your Right to Organize a Union
To form a union, bargain collectively your employer, and have a greater voice at work

If you don’t have a union, you already know the boss can do whatever he or she wants. You really don’t know from one day to the next what could happen to your pay, your job, or even your workplace.

Without a union, you leave all of your rights outside when you walk through the door to work. But you – and the people you work with – can change this. It’s your legal right.


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CFT–A Union of Educators and Classified Employees

In our online store, you can purchase apparel and union swag branded with our new identity CFT – A Union of Educators and Classified Professionals. You may purchase newly designed buttons, hoodies, t-shirts, even onesies for our future union members! You will also find our CFT classics as button packs, stickers, magnets and posters. All union-made, all the time!