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Keeping our union community on track

Welcome to our new full-featured calendar! See events and union happenings in a list or calendar view, complete with location maps and registration links. It’s one-stop shopping at last!

Overview Jane Hundertmark

Training Schedule
Current training opportunities

Our fall training schedule offers numerous webinars. You may register to attend by clicking on the name of the training below. You may also register for trainings directly from our Calendar. In-person trainings are indicated by an (*). Find all course descriptions in our Training section.

Overview Jane Hundertmark

Division Councils
Formulating policy for member constituents

The union’s Division Councils represent the educational divisions of the CFT and retired members. The councils meet regularly to share information and to formulate policy proposals for constituent members. Get to know your division of the CFT and join in the discussion!

Overview Jane Hundertmark

Committee Meetings
Member-driven committees meet regularly

The standing committees of the CFT meet regularly to examine issues of importance to educators and unions, ranging from special education to labor education. The committees also put forth policy proposals for the CFT in their areas of expertise. 

The Committee meetings during the coming year are posted below. Learn more about our union committees and the members who serve on them. 

Overview Jane Hundertmark

Lobby Days
Make your voice heard in the State Capitol

While the CFT legislative staff works hard to promote legislation on behalf of members, your presence in the halls of the Legislature gives a human face to the CFT and our fight for high-quality education. The CFT hosts provides numerous opportunities for you to meet with state legislators one-on-one and share your experiences from the workplace.