CFT 2023 Convention: United for Justice, United for Education

More and more workers – especially young people –  realize how important unions are, and a surging CFT has set its sights on a 50% raise for workers over the next five years. These were some of the hot-button topics at the first in-person convention since CFT’s centennial celebration in 2019.

This year’s meeting in San Francisco convened under the banner, “United for Justice. United for Education.”


CFT member delegates take part in 2023 Biennial Convention in San Francisco

After four years of not meeting in person, CFT members met in San Francisco this past weekend at our Biennial Convention, under the theme United for Justice, United for Education.

Delegates participated in vigorous debate about key resolutions, attended informative workshops, and heard from inspiring speakers, including Keith Boykin, Jane Elliott, and Randi Weingarten. We recognized newly organized locals and celebrated our members who were elected to public office in 2022.