Member Benefits


Member Benefits
You are not alone in the workplace

As a member of the CFT, you are part of a vital and active organization committed to upholding educational standards for our students and ensuring the best possible workplace for you. The power of the union stems from collective action. That begins with you, but you don’t stand alone. The CFT stands with you.

Security on the job

You have a reliable union to call on when you’re having trouble in the workplace and good contracts backed up by strong union representation. Top-notch professional field representatives are available to assist your local union in negotiating and in processing grievances resulting from violations of your contract.

Liability protection on the job

AFT offers your local union the option to buy a $1 million occupational liability insurance plan which protects you in the event of a work-related lawsuit, such as a child’s parent bringing suit.

Lesson planning for classroom teachers

Educators can search more than 420,000 free lesson plans and activities including curated collections at Share My Lesson. Get news stories and lesson supplements from PBS Newshour Extra, Listenwise, Anti-Defamation League, Re-Imagining Migration and Science Friday.

The CFT offers a topnotch suite of member-created labor curricula made specifically for California educators.

Advocacy and access

Full-time lobbyists in Sacramento and Washington, D.C., advocate for your rights and quality education. You have access to local, state and national experts in community outreach, political action, research, educational issues, communications and technology.

Learning + knowledge

The union sponsors valuable conferences on professional issues and holds training webinars and workshops for members, leaders, and staff. 

From the CFT, you can keep up on professional issues through our union media. In addition to our website, the union publishes several email newsletters — the all-union CFT United (formerly named California Teacher) and Inside CFT, as well as division newsletters Part-TimerClassified Insider, and UC-AFT Insider

From the AFT, in its Voices blog, in American Educator, and online at

Solidarity with other workers

The AFT’s 1.7 million members support effective public and private education and the best working conditions for all members. The AFL-CIO, with 12.5 million members and their families, provides solidarity and strength to achieve common goals.