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Saturday, June 11 – March for Our Lives – Join an event near you!
Enough is enough! Our communities deserve common sense gun safety laws now

Last week, AFT announced support for a nationwide Enough Is Enough campaign in partnership with March for Our Lives, AFT affiliates, and other allies.

Educators, parents, and students will send the message that “enough is enough” and that our communities deserve common sense gun safety laws now. The union also will be partnering with Parkland, Florida, school shooting survivor and activist David Hogg in the lead up to the nationwide March for Our Lives events on this Saturday, June 11.


Part-time faculty — we need you to complete our 2022 survey!

Take the CFT 2022 Part-Time Faculty Survey

UPDATE: Find the ground-breaking results of our survey

Welcome to CFT’s Survey of Part-Time Faculty

By completing this survey, you’re helping CFT’s statewide campaign to win quality, affordable healthcare for all part-time faculty in California.

The results will strengthen CFT’s advocacy in the state Legislature, and inform local unions negotiating improvements in your districts.

This survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete and is intended for faculty who are teaching in the 2021-22 academic year on a part-time, contingent basis. All data and results will be kept confidential and no data will be connected to any individual respondent.


Send a letter! It’s time for quality, affordable healthcare for all part-time faculty

Write a letter now to support healthcare for part-time faculty

Too many part-time faculty in California’s community college system have gone without healthcare benefits for too long. Please sign this new CFT letter to key legislators to say that enough is enough.

As a result of our first letter campaign, Governor Newsom proposed $200 million per year in ongoing dollars for part-time faculty healthcare — a 400x increase over current funding levels! But we still have work to do to ensure that these funds remain in the state budget, and that they reach the part-time faculty who need them.


Sign up to testify at April 5 budget hearings in the state Legislature

members on Zoom testify before CA Legislature

The Legislature will be holding more state budget hearings on Tuesday, April 5 at 9 am to discuss the future of healthcare funding for part-time faculty.

Legislators need to hear directly from you about the importance of this issue! We must keep up the pressure to ensure the $200 million remains in the state budget and to advocate for a system that actually delivers health coverage to the faculty who need it.

The CFT will hold trainings the week before the hearings to prep and review logistics. Please RSVP for both below.



Sign up to testify at budget hearings in the state Legislature

microphone on fire

Update: Thanks to all the members who testified. You made a difference! Watch for more hearings as the budget continues to move through the state Legislature. 

The California Legislature will be holding state budget hearings to discuss the future of healthcare funding for part-time faculty. The next hearings are scheduled for March 14 and 16.

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Workers can’t wait, #PaidSickDaysNOW
Sign the petition!

paid sick leave for covid

By Art Pulaski, Executive Secretary Treasurer, California Labor Federation

Since the beginning of this pandemic, workers have borne the brunt of this crisis. They’ve been on the frontlines for nearly two years, every day, to keep our economy afloat. Now, with the omicron surge leading to record cases, frontline workers are more at risk than ever. And many are assuming this risk with few protections.

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Show solidarity with UC-AFT! Join the ULP strike Wednesday and Thursday

Update: The strike is called off after an agreement was reached in the early morning hours of November 17. See the news story. 

Late Saturday night, the lecturers of the University Council-AFT announced that they have notified UC management that lecturers will take part in an unfair labor practice strike on November 17 and 18. This strike is about a pattern of bad faith bargaining and unfair labor practices committed by President Michael Drake’s administration.


Take action now to extend emergency COVID sick leave in California

On September 30, California’s emergency supplemental COVID sick leave will expire if our elected officials in Sacramento don’t act. Without an extension, many California workers will be in danger of losing their job if they are unfortunate enough to get infected with COVID. School workers without sufficient sick leave will also be at risk of losing pay should they become infected with COVID.


Support the California Tax on Extreme Wealth!​

Since the beginning of the pandemic last March, while our families and our communities have suffered gut-wrenching pain and loss, billionaires in our state alone have increased their wealth by over half a trillion dollars.


Tell California’s elected leaders – Invest in community colleges

California’s community colleges are critical to our students’ and our communities’ recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, without immediate action from Sacramento, most of our colleges are facing dire fiscal crises, threatening jobs and undermining our ability to meet the needs of our students and our communities.

Send a letter to California’s elected leaders: Time to invest in our community colleges!


Pass the American Workforce Rescue Act
Support the Biden plan to provide more COVID-19 relief for the millions in need

President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and their team have been working at a furious pace to identify what needs to happen fast — to contain the coronavirus, to get our country vaccinated, to help struggling Americans and their communities, and to start reversing the discriminatory, hate-driven executive actions of the last four years. But Biden and Harris cannot do it alone. Now is the time for us to roll up our sleeves and work together to build back better.

Write to Congress right now and urge your elected representatives to support the American Workforce Rescue Act


CFT encourages your vote for fellow members at Assembly District Election Meetings!
Deadline extended: Your ADEM ballot must be received by February 3

Update: The deadline to return your ADEM ballot has been extended. All ballots received by Wednesday, February 3 will be counted. 

The election for delegates to the California Democratic Party — called Assembly District Election Meetings or ADEMs — is taking place now. The deadline to request a ballot (January 11) has passed, but your vote is important!