Raoul Teilhet Scholarships

Through this benefit of membership, the CFT has helped hundreds of children of union members achieve their high education goals. To date, the union has awarded $1.8 million in Raoul Teilhet Scholarships to 669 children or dependents of union members.

The CFT offers scholarships to high school seniors and college students who are children or dependents of CFT members in good standing. Students enrolled in four-year courses of study are eligible for $3000 scholarships; those enrolled in two-year courses of study are eligible for $1000.

The CFT Raoul Teilhet Scholarship program began in 1997 when delegates to the CFT Convention voted to establish scholarships that could help children and dependents of members achieve their higher education goals.

The program was named after inspirational CFT President Raoul Teilhet, who served the organization as president from 1968 to 1985. In 2003, Convention delegates extended eligibility to continuing college students and dependents of deceased CFT members.

Raoul Teilhet died in 2013; you can read about Teilhet’s life and contributions to our the CFT in his obituary. Since the program was established, the CFT has helped hundreds of students reach their higher education goals by awarding them Raoul Teilhet Scholarships. 


Applicants may find complete information about scholarship eligibility and online application below. 

Scholarship Eligibility

  • Award selection is based on academic achievement, special talents and skills, participation in extracurricular activities, community service, financial need, and a 500-word essay on a social issue of the applicant’s choice.
  • The applicant’s parent or guardian must be a member in good standing of an AFT local union in California.
  • The applicant must be listed as a dependent on their parent’s or guardian’s tax return.
  • Scholarships are awarded for any one year of higher education.
  • High school students who received Raoul Teilhet Scholarships are not eligible for another scholarship as continuing college students. Continuing college students who received Raoul Teilhet Scholarships are not eligible to apply again.

Applications and Deadlines

NEW! In May 2019the CFT launched online scholarship application. We are excited to offer this upgrade and we think it will make applying for a scholarship much easier. The CFT will now accept only online applications. The application period for each scholarship is open for six months.

When you click on the links above, you will be ask you to create a log-in for our application portal. Please keep track of your username and password. Once you have a log-in, you may work on your application at any time until it is completed and submitted.

Advance Planning for Applicants

Complete requirements for each scholarship are detailed in our application portal. However, knowing in advance what documentation and other information you will need may speed your application. Here’s the things to have ready when you apply.

  • Transcript: You will need your most recent transcript. High school seniors are asked to provide an official transcript. 
  • Parent/Guardian Federal Tax Return: The first two pages of your parent’s or guardian’s signed federal tax return are required.
  • Member Verification by Parent/Guardian: You will need your parent’s email address.
  • Member Verification by AFT Local Union President: You will need the name and email address of your parent’s AFT local union president.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Three recommendations are required are required for high school senior applicants, and two recommendations are required for continuing college student applicants. You will need the email addresses of your recommenders.
  • Essay: A titled essay on a social issue of the applicant’s choice, not to exceed 500 words.


Please email Maria Arteaga, or phone our Administrative Office in Burbank at (818)-843-8226.

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Flyer about the CFT Raoul Teilhet Scholarship Program contains basic info about the CFT scholarship program. 

Flyer about all union scholarships available to members and dependents contains info about programs offered by the CFT, the AFT and the AFL-CIO.


Meet the Winners!

The CFT has award $1.8 million in Raoul Teilhet Scholarships to 669 children or dependents of union members. The names of students who have been awarded scholarships in recent years are listed below, along with the parent or guardian who is the AFT/CFT member and their local union. Occasionally, both parents are members are proud members of our Federation. 


More Union Scholarships for Members and Dependents

More scholarships and professional grants are available to members and their dependents through the AFT and the AFL-CIO. 

Robert G. Porter Scholarship Program

The AFT awards four $8000 scholarships to high school seniors who are dependents of AFT members, as well as 20 continuing education grants of $1000 to AFT members. Application deadline: March 31.


Raoul Teilhet, 1933-2013

 Raoul Teilhet, 1933-2013

Raoul Teilhet, a Pasadena high school history teacher who believed collective bargaining offered the path to dignity and respect for public school employees before laws existed allowing it, and served as president of the California Federation of Teachers in successful pursuit of that goal, died of complications from Parkinson’s Disease on June 5, 2013, in Los Angeles. He was 79.