Legislative Scorecards

The CFT Legislative Department analyzes hundreds of education and labor-related bills introduced in the state Legislature and the impact they will have on education, from early childhood to university. In addition, the CFT takes positions on social, economic, and cultural issues that underly the mission of the Federation. Our Legislative Scorecard tracks how state legislators vote on bills important to the CFT during each legislative session.


CFT and Labor Federation Scorecards
How do legislators vote on bills that matter to union members?

In each legislative session, the CFT and the California Labor Federation (the statewide AFL-CIO) tally how legislators vote on bills of import to union members. In these scorecards, you will find a description of key bills lobbied for and against, and a score for Senate and Assembly members on each bill. Find out if your elected officials are voting union!

CFT Scorecards

Some legislators are such strong advocates on issues of import to CFT members that they earn a “perfect” voting record from the CFT.

Scorecard 2020
Scorecard 2019

California Labor Federation Scorecards

Similarly, legislators may earn a 100 percent voting record from the California Labor Federation, whose scorecard provides an overview of labor-related legislation affecting more than 1,200 affiliated locals representing 2.1 million union members. Learn more here. 

Scorecard 2021
Scorecard 2020
Scorecard 2019