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Browse issues of the union’s flagship publication below. In the fall of 2019, California Teacher was renamed CFT United. You will find issues published under both names in this index. 

The first issue of California Teacher was published in 1948, and members received it in print for 70 years before it became a web-based digital publication in 2018. In 2019, the magazine was renamed CFT United to better reflect the union’s diverse membership. Under its new name, the magazine continues to bring members the same high-quality content and news of the CFT. The magazine has won hundreds of awards from labor communications groups for its excellence in storytelling.

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Sept-Oct 2022
Volume 76, Number 1

Bay Area union helps win innovative educator housing

In our voices – the state of our schools, workers & students 

Faculty push for the face-to-face classes students want 

UC-AFT retrospective: Organizing to win in tumultuous times

Take action now to avoid income shock at retirement

Trades Conference attendees

May-June 2022
Volume 75, Number 5

Doing the work we love in difficult circumstances

Reelect Tony Thurmond on June 7

Anatomy of a victory: How ABC teachers won

Trades workers, custodians ready for increasingly dangerous workplaces

Part-time faculty power up for change!

State Superintendent with members at Leadership ConferenceCFT United banner

Mar 2022
Volume 75, Issue 4
Special Edition


Members organize for racial and social justice in education

Attorney General Rob Bonta talks social justice

How to support and mentor undocumented students

Explore our new toolkit – Organizing for Racial and Social Justice in Education

Mike Bradbury, welding instructor

Feb-Mar 2022
Volume 75, Issue 3

What does losing healthcare look like for part-time faculty?

Stand up to defend free thought, honest history, and gender identity

Pandemic magnifies long-standing challenges in Special Education

Union elders preserve history for future generations

Jessica Saint Paul

Nov-Dec 2021
Volume 75, Issue 2

UC lecturers’ victory inspires fight for equity in community colleges

CFT sets sights on healthcare for part-time faculty

Staff shortages leading to overwork, underpayment, burn out and blame

What does gratitude look like? Find out from three members deep in student debt


Sept-Oct 2021
Volume 75, Issue 1

Back-to-School Tour puts staff shortage in stark perspective

Labor’s all-out effort helps defeat Newsom recall

Answers to common questions about return to in-person

You can help start an AFT retiree chapter!


May-June 2021
Volume 74, Issue 4

What does CFT say about the recall? No, no no!

Pandemic underscores essential nature of classified work

CFT calls for Calbright to shut down immediately

Job security still on the table for UC lecturers


Mar-Apr 2021
Volume 74, Number 3
Special Edition


CFT Virtual Convention brings hope and change

Pandemic relief on the way: Kamala Harris, AFT leaders, Stanford physician

VIDEO: Vice President Kamala Harris speaks to Convention

Delegates pass wide range of resolutions — from their homes


Nov-Dec 2020
Volume 74, Number 2

Members brave public rallies to defend democracy

Election 2020 — sweet victory tinged with disappointment

The pandemic — reopening, regrouping, testing & protecting

Five retirees recount their extraordinary efforts in Election 2020


Sept-Oct 2020
Volume 74, Number 1

Dark times bring out our best selves

Unions step up to help wildfire evacuees

“Let’s have our voices count!” urge CFT Black leaders

Facing most difficult conditions in decades, unions meet the moment