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Fall 2022
Volume 13, Number 1

CCE officers at conference

Classified Conference moves attendees from Aspiration to Action

How to AVERT disaster

Williams to co-chair AFT PSRP policy council

Classified staff relish district apartments


Spring 2022
Volume 12, Number 2

The new normal for special education instructional aides

CFT classified leader co-chairs national staff shortage task force

Coming soon to your local – the CCE Listening Tour!

Join us at the Custodial & Skilled Trades Conference


Fall 2021
Volume 12, Number 1

California community colleges salute top staff

What does classified work look like 20 months into the pandemic?

CFT wins layoff notice equity for classified employees


Spring 2021
Volume 11, Number 2

Pandemic underscores essential nature of classified work

Paraeducator, bus driver elected to public office

Berkeley classified employee dodges eviction, buys home

CFT launches new identity to reflect diverse membership


Fall 2020
Volume 11, Number 1

Virtual Classified Conference educates, unites, entertains

With Covid on campus, strategic action saves classified jobs

San Diego County college staffs tackle food insecurity

Four new laws classified employees need to know about


Fall 2019
Volume 10, Number 1

Antelope Valley College staff scores California Supreme Court victory

Summer Assistance: New state program matches funds set aside

Classified Conference looks ahead to 2020 political challenges

Legislative session ends on strong note for classified


Spring 2019
Volume 9, Number 2

Classified members share spotlight with teachers at Centennial Convention

Transportation services: Jobs returned when contracting out fails, drivers get more training

New law brings more part-time workers into the classified service

Omnibus legislation creates Summer Assistance fund for classified staff


Fall 2018
Volume 9, Number 1

When parents and children are union brothers and sister

Lawsuit draws attention to hazardous chemicals on campus

Classified Conference-goers unite with hotel workers

We need you… to become a Unionist!