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May 2022, Special Edition
Volume 33, Number 3


Part-time faculty power up for change!

CFT survey calls out crisis in healthcare for part-time faculty

Conference empowers through learning

Part-timers lobby legislators alongside full-time and student allies


Spring 2022
Volume 33, Number 2

What does losing healthcare look like for part-time faculty in our community colleges?, Part 1

What does losing healthcare look like for part-time faculty in our community colleges?, Part 2

CFT’s red letter year for equity legislation

The pandemic, declining enrollment & unions

HELU Winter Summit hears from progressives


Fall 2021
Volume 33, Number 1

Locals negotiate vaccine stipends and retention of health benefits

CFT campaign sets sights on healthcare for part-time faculty

Governor vetoes increased workload cap bill AB 375

Borrowers denied loan forgiveness have one year to seek waiver, thanks to AFT legal victory


Spring 2021
Volume 32, Number 2

How Peralta won the first pay parity in California community colleges

Adjuncts and their unions fight on in the face of COVID

CFT seeks 85% adjunct teaching load, statewide path to pay parity

Healthcare, transferable training top adjunct priorities at CFT Convention


Fall 2020
Volume 32, Number 1

Peralta reaches 100 percent pay parity; locals win distance education support

Contingent faculty team up, pass national shared governance policy

Prop 15: It’s not just about closing corporate tax loopholes

Legislative gains and losses for adjuncts in a time of COVID


Fall 2019
Volume 31, Number 1

Part-timer takes helm at State Center Federation

Archive 1999: State Senator Adam Schiff goes to the head of the class

Governor signs loan forgiveness bill, vetoes paid maternity leave

Campus Equity Week 2019


Spring 2019
Volume 30, Number 2

Delegates reaffirm support for part-time faculty participation in shared governance

AB 897: Raising the cap and reducing freeway flying

Student loan forgiveness: State legislation aims to help part-time faculty


Fall 2018
Volume 30, Number 1

Part-timers are still sticking with their union post-Janus

AFT resolution supports $7,000 per three-credit course for adjuncts

CFT resolution reiterates support for statewide health insurance for part-timers


Spring 2018
Volume 29, Number 1

Convention votes to raise part-time workload cap to 80 percent

Health benefits: The successes and challenges ahead

Membership drives in community colleges mean more adjunct power


Fall 2014
Volume 26, Number 1

Rehire rights: Long-time instructor describes pain of losing assignment, outpouring of faculty and student support

Join CFT campaign for office hours pay, full-time positions

CalSTRS offers more assistance with service credit reporting

Two new laws will benefit part-time faculty in California

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