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Recall Ballot FAQ – “Just vote NO and go!”
Confused? You are not alone. What you need to know about the recall ballot

Most voters have received their mail ballots for the September 14 Recall Election and the CFT is hearing many questions. Here we answer the most common questions about the recall ballot and voting and share CFT recommendations and resources. 


How to cast your ballot in the Recall Election
Vote by mail or in person

  • The Recall Election will be held September 14, 2021.
  • Mail ballots were mailed to registered voters on August 16
  • You can return your voted ballot 1) by mail or 2) in person to a secured drop-off location or a polling place on Election Day. 
    • Ballots returned by mail must be postmarked no later than Election Day. Sign and date your ballot. No postage required. 
    • Ballots returned in person must be hand-delivered no later than 8 pm on Election Day.
  • Find drop-off locations  and early voting locations in your county. 

More information from the Secretary of State

Article Recall Election

What do our elected leaders say about the recall?
Governor Newsom leads the nation in worker protections. Vote NO on the recall

While Governor Newsom continues to have our backs by putting in place the strongest worker protections in the nation, anti-union special interests are funneling millions into the recall campaign to weaken or eliminate laws that protect our pay, health care, retirement and safety on the job.

Article Recall Election

Join the California Labor Federation phone banks
No on the recall — help get out our union message!

Please join us! Members are welcome to join the California Labor Federation in calling union members across the state and urging them to vote “No” on the recall.  Use the link below to sign up directly with the Labor Fed.

The phone banks will be done through Zoom. You can help get out our union message without leaving home! 


Find the full schedule of Labor Federation phone banks and walks and sign up for more actions to defeat the recall!


No on the recall of Governor Gavin Newsom
Recall Election – September 14, 2021

CFT emphatically opposes the campaign to recall Governor Gavin Newsom

CFT President Jeff Freitas blasted the recall campaign as being out of touch with California values and an expensive waste of time.

“California educators and classified professionals unequivocally stand with Governor Newsom and urge all Californians to vote no on the recall,” Freitas said. ”Make no mistake about it, the forces that are behind the recall do not have our students’ or our communities’ best interests at heart.