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Join CFT nights at the California Labor Federation phone banks
No on the recall — help get out our union message !

The CFT has adopted two nights at the California Labor Fed statewide “No on the Recall” phone banks. 

Please use the links below to sign up and indicate which night you want to join us. 

Please join us! Members are welcome to join the Labor Fed in calling fellow union members across the state and urging them to vote “No” on the recall. 

The phone banks will be done using your mobile phone through Zoom, so you can help get out our union message without leaving home! 


No on the recall of Governor Gavin Newsom
Recall Election – September 14, 2021

CFT emphatically opposes the campaign to recall Governor Gavin Newsom

CFT President Jeff Freitas blasted the recall campaign as being out of touch with California values and an expensive waste of time.

“California educators and classified professionals unequivocally stand with Governor Newsom and urge all Californians to vote no on the recall,” Freitas said. ”Make no mistake about it, the forces that are behind the recall do not have our students’ or our communities’ best interests at heart.

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What does CFT says about the recall? No, No, No!
Governor Newsom has proven himself during the pandemic and beyond

Update: The gubernatorial recall election has been set for September 14, 2021.

CFT has taken a position on the right-wing recall of Governor Gavin Newsom: Our union is urging members to vote “No” on this expensive and distracting political stunt.

Recall elections are nothing new in California, and we have seen a number of such elections at all levels of government throughout our state’s history, including the gubernatorial recall in 2003, when Gray Davis was removed from office in a similar political maneuver.