Standing Together Campaign


Standing Together
Standing together for our students and each other

CFT members are fiercely dedicated to our students and their families because we believe in the power and promise of public education. We know that our profession, our schools, our colleges, and students are worth fighting for.

As a union of educators and dedicated workers at public schools and colleges, we know that standing together is our best bet to ensure we have the pay and benefits that we need to serve our students well. It’s how we’ll win the policies and funding that truly support a quality education for every California student!

We will not be silenced

Billionaires are waging a campaign to convince teachers, school workers, and other public sector employees that our best option is to go it alone. Their real aim is to limit our voice and our ability to advocate for the pay, benefits, and working conditions that we need to serve our students and their families.

  • They aren’t looking out for us, and they’re not looking out for public education.
  • Together, we can protect our profession, our schools and our students.
  • It is up to us to stand together to make sure there is a strong voice for quality public education in California.

Article Written by: GEOFF JOHNSON

Heart and Perseverance Revive the California March in March
Students and Faculty bring climate justice, affordable housing and accessibility into focus


On a day with weather bright enough to match their spirits, a throng of over 500 students, faculty, and education advocates marched to the west lawn of the state capitol on March 7 in support of community college students, workers, and climate justice. Bringing back the annual March in March, it was the largest such action in the Capitol by student and community college activists in over a decade.