While Governor Newsom continues to have our backs by putting in place the strongest worker protections in the nation, anti-union special interests are funneling millions into the recall campaign to weaken or eliminate laws that protect our pay, health care, retirement and safety on the job.

The recall campaign is nothing more than an effort by wealthy anti-union donors to roll back decades of progress on workers’ rights in California.

Governor Newsom stands with workers during the pandemic

When the pandemic struck, Governor Newsom stepped up to ensure essential workers weren’t left behind. Through his actions, working people in California were afforded the strongest protections in the nation against COVID-19 infection.

No other governor has done as much as Gavin Newsom to protect workers amid this ongoing crisis. When the pandemic struck, he promised to have our backs and that’s exactly what he’s done. California has one of the nation’s lower COVID case rates.

The governor’s life-saving actions to protect workers include:

  • Providing strict public health and labor law enforcement to protect workers and ensure employer compliance;
  • Expanding COVID-related paid sick leave to allow workers to take time off when ill or to take care of sick family members including grocery workers, warehouse workers and many others;
  • Signing legislation to make workplaces safer by ensuring local and state public health agencies are notified of COVID-19 cases at workplaces and allowing Cal/OSHA to quickly shut down any unsafe workplace until measures to protect workers are in place;
  • Providing more than 2 million room nights to date for essential workers, including healthcare staff, correctional officers, farm workers and frontline staff, to self-isolate and protect their loved ones from COVID-19 exposure;
  • Implementing emergency standards to protect Californians from COVID-19 infection at the jobsite;
  • Removing burdens of access to Workers’ Compensation for those workers who likely got infected at work.

Under Governor Newsom, California leads the nation in worker protections

Governor Newsom’s record in support of workers over the years is clear. He’s stood with us on the picket lines. He’s been vocal about his support of unions. He’s fought to raise our wages, protect our benefits and defend our rights

Again and again, the governor has acted to protect the right to join and form unions, raise wages, protect health care and retirement and increase health and safety measures in the workplace.

Since he’s been governor, Newsom signed bills and took action that address some of the toughest issues workers face in this economy, including:

  • Tackling the widespread problem of corporations cheating workers out of basic rights they deserve under the law.
  • By signing a bill to crack down on worker misclassification, Governor Newsom restored the right to a minimum wage, overtime pay, health and safety protections, workers compensation and unemployment insurance to millions of workers cheated out of those benefits.
  • Going after corporations that steal workers’ wages, putting millions of dollars back in workers’ pockets
  • Defending the right of workers to stand together in a union to improve pay, benefits and working conditions
  • Increasing funding to schools, shrinking class sizes, and working to ensure teachers have the resources they need to give our children a world-class education
  • Prioritizing cutting health care and prescription drug costs for our families and expanding coverage to those most vulnerable
  • Strengthening laws protecting workers against retaliation for blowing the whistle on illegal corporate activities that harm workers and consumers
  • Championing criminal justice reform, signing into law The California Racial Justice Act
  • Promoting affordable housing and good jobs for those who are building our communities, and providing shelter to thousands of homeless people throughout the state

Who’s behind the anti-union recall?

Recall donors are a who’s who of anti-union special interests. The wealthy corporate backers of the recall have been working for decades to undermine California’s strong worker protection laws. The anti-union recall backers want to lower wages, eliminate health and safety laws and kill union jobs.

The recall is a sneak attack on our jobs, wages, benefits and unions.

The recall backers are part of a national network of anti-union interests that includes billionaire funders that attack public education, union jobs, pensions, minimum wage laws and voting rights.

California’s laws to protect workers are the strongest in the nation. Over the past two decades, we’ve raised the minimum wage, provided paid sick and family leave to all workers, increased funding to our neighborhood schools, created good union jobs by investing in infrastructure and strengthened the right to join a union. All that and more is at risk with the anti-union recall.

The wealthy recall backers are attacking Governor Newsom because he supports strong pro-worker laws that increase wages, protect worker health and safety and hold corporations accountable.

If the anti-union recall backers are successful, California will lose years of progress on workers’ rights. The recall would lower pay for workers, shrivel investment in public education and safety, eliminate child care and healthcare and put workers at greater risk of injury or death on the job.

We can’t afford to allow wealthy anti-union special interests to seize control of California. The recall risks undermining the values we share as Californians and dramatically weakening our shared commitment to creating opportunity for all working people and families.

Learn more at www.noantiworkerrecall.com.