Part-Time Faculty Healthcare Bargaining Toolkit
The tools you need to win healthcare!


About our Part-Time Faculty Healthcare Campaign

During Phase 1, member action secured $200 million in ongoing annual state budget funds to finance healthcare for part-time faculty. CFT also conducted a comprehensive survey of part-time faculty in California, which called out the daily struggles that part-time faculty experience when it comes to healthcare. 

Now in Phase 2, through “coordinated collective bargaining,” local unions are working to negotiate these funds for part-time faculty healthcare into contracts up and down the state. As part of this effort, local unions are organizing member actions to support negotiations and building CATs — Contract Action Teams. 

On October 31, the California Community College Chancellor’s Office released its initial guidance memo, signaling to districts that it’s time to start negotiating healthcare benefits for part-time faculty.


Find the essential union tools to help your local to win healthcare at the bargaining table. Union leaders may request access to more resources (such as contract proposals) by emailing Campaign Coordinator Chase Golding

FAQ | Bargaining Part-Time Healthcare in the Community Colleges
About the state budget monies and what you need to know to win the money for part-time faculty healthcare at your bargaining table

Sample Request to Bargain Letter
Template letter to district administrators requesting that bargaining for part-time faculty healthcare commence

Checklist | Preparing for Negotiations

Contract Action Team Sign-Up Form
Template form to solicit volunteers and organize your Contract Action Team — CAT — in support of bargaining efforts

Petition in Support of Healthcare for Part-Time Faculty
Template Google form to distribute and build overall support for healthcare in the campus community

Tips for Speaking to Your Board of Trustees
Helpful structure to follow including how to tell personal stories and present key facts


Find a selection of materials to support bargaining in your local union, from social media images to posters for live-time events and Zoom backgrounds for online meetings.

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CFT Part-Time Faculty Survey Report
Groundbreaking findings shine a light on the daily struggles that part-time faculty experience when it comes to healthcare. More than 2,500 part-time faculty responded between February and April 2022. The majority of respondents were community college faculty, representing 58 of the state’s 72 districts.
Toplines Summary | Full Report

Part-Time Faculty Survey Report 2022

AFT Report: A State Legislative Agenda for Higher Ed Contingent Staff
Change is happening across the country! Find examples of state legislative victories throughout the nation in this June 2022 summary from AFT. California plays large!

State Capitol building

An Army of Temps 2022: AFT Adjunct Faculty Quality of Work/Life Report
In 2020, during the pandemic, AFT followed up its initial 2019 report with a 61-question survey completed between May 21 and August 18, 2020. The updated “Army of Temps: AFT Adjunct Faculty Quality of Work/Life Report” detailed feedback from 1,883 respondents at two-year and four-year institutions — both public and private.

AFT An Army of Temps 2022

An Army of Temps 2020: AFT Adjunct Faculty Quality of Work/Life Report
In 2019, AFT conducted a nationwide survey of contingent faculty. The AFT’s 52-question survey was completed by 3,076 contingent faculty—part-time faculty, full-time non-tenure track faculty, and graduate employees. AFT was able to draw some robust conclusions about the conditions faced by this new majority of college faculty in the United States.

AFT An Army of Temps 2020

Based on the 2019 survey results, AFT developed these five issue-based flyers. 
Basic Needs and Food Security
Low Pay and Public Assistance
Lack of Job Security


Reports from other organizations about the over-reliance on contingent faculty, including one from the U.S. House of Representatives.


CFT logo


Find resolutions passed by delegates to CFT governance bodies, along with our stories about the policy changes and how they affect contingent faculty.

Calling for U.S. Department of Education study of adjunct/contingent pay and benefit inequity 2022 OUR STORY
Develop a strategic plan to end two-tier system in the community colleges 2022 OUR STORY
Reform the Social Security Act to eliminate WEP and GPO ​2022 OUR STORY
Mandate unified health benefits for part-time community college faculty 2021 OUR STORY
Rise Up, Recover, Rebuild: A New Deal for Higher Education 2021 OUR STORY
Encourage contingent faculty participation in shared governance 2020  
Support for the Part-Time Community College Faculty Health Insurance Program 2018 OUR STORY
Expand shared governance for UC non-Senate faculty 2018  
Raise community college part-time faculty workload to 80 percent 2018 OUR STORY
Pursue legislation on reemployment preferences for UC non-Senate faculty 2018  


AFT logo


Find resolutions passed by AFT below.

Calling for Department of Education study of adjunct/contingent pay and benefit inequity 2022 OUR STORY
Repeal the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) and Government Pension Offset (GPO) 2022 OUR STORY
Encourage contingent faculty participation in shared governance 2020 OUR STORY


general media


Our recent key stories are linked below.

    • What does losing healthcare look like for part-time faculty in our community colleges?
      Pandemic, declining enrollment has led to loss of health benefits
      Part 1 | Part 2

    We have published dozens more articles under these tags and in the CFT’s Part-Timer newsletter.


    The general media has also taken deep dives into the two-tier system in higher ed.