Mandate unified health benefits for part-time community college faculty
March 26, 2021


Whereas, the success of our students depends on the health of faculty; and

Whereas, part-time community college faculty and their eligible partners and dependents should have continuous access to health insurance benefits; and

Whereas, the conditions for establishing initial eligibility for health insurance and maintaining eligibility vary widely among districts and are based on various collective bargaining agreements; and 

Whereas, eligibility is often difficult to attain, and continuing eligibility is uncertain and dependent on consistent assignments; and

Whereas, a California state fund that reimburses districts up to as much as 50% of the district expense for providing eligible adjunct faculty access to health insurance is legislated in the Part-Time Community College Faculty Health Insurance Program (California Education Code, Sections 87860-87868) but is underfunded; 

Therefore, be it resolved, that the CFT advocate for a mandate that part-time California community college faculty are provided access to health benefits through their employer; and

Be it finally resolved, that the CFT advocate for the California Community College Chancellor’s Office to ensure funding for districts to provide health insurance for all part-time faculty, with a gradual increase in support from the Chancellor’s Office so that part-time faculty have ongoing access to healthcare benefits with decreasing cost to individual members.