Pursue legislation on reemployment preferences for UC non-Senate faculty
March 25, 2018


Whereas, student success is promoted when teaching faculty have long-term, stable appointments that enable them to be present for students; and

Whereas, the University of California relies on non-Senate faculty to teach approximately one-third of UC classes but treats that labor as fungible and disposable; and

Whereas, UC-AFT has achieved remarkable success in establishing job security through continuing appointments for non-Senate faculty who have taught 18 quarters or 12 semesters and have demonstrated professional excellence; and

Whereas, the University of California habitually fails to rehire highly qualified pre-continuing non-Senate faculty, such that pre-continuing members of UC-AFT’s non-Senate faculty bargaining unit experience turnover at a rate as high as one-third each academic year and are prevented from attaining continuing status; and

Whereas, the labor relations staff of the University of California have repeatedly refused to contemplate increased job security measures for pre-continuing faculty at the bargaining table, going so far as to call pre-continuing faculty who remain at the UC “in-bred” because they “encroach on operational flexibility” and “the way we do business;” and

Whereas, the CFT previously sponsored Assembly Bill 1690 (Medina, D-Riverside), which resulted in a state statute that, as of January 1, 2017, incentivizes reemployment preferences for part-time faculty at community colleges;

Therefore, be it resolved, that the California Federation of Teachers pursue legislation similar to 2017’s AB 1690 (Medina D–Riverside) to incentivize the University of California to establish reemployment preferences for pre-continuing non-Senate faculty.