Encourage contingent faculty participation in shared governance
May 2, 2020


Whereas, community colleges and universities regularly hire contingent faculty; and

Whereas, contingent faculty are required to hold the same academic qualifications and credentials as their full-time colleagues; and

Whereas, qualified contingent faculty are rehired for years; and

Whereas, contingent faculty already working in the institution have significant familiarity with the academic standards, curriculum, personnel, and culture of the institution thereby aiding in student success initiatives and other institutional goals; and

Whereas, the concept of shared governance is continually challenged by administrations; and 

Whereas, there are not enough full-time faculty to serve on shared governance committees; and

Whereas, due to the increased workload of faculty due to increased mandated requirements and accreditation standards; and

Whereas, since decisions made in shared governance also affect contingent faculty, contingent faculty should be considered, with respect to equity and inclusivity, an equal participant in the decision-making; and

Therefore, be it resolved, that AFT support legislation for contingent faculty to be included and enfranchised without regard to their part-time status and compensated in shared governance work.