Support for the Part-Time Community College Faculty Health Insurance Program
May 5, 2018


Whereas, to ensure the success of our students we need to have a healthy faculty; and

Whereas, part-time community college faculty and their eligible dependents should have continuous access to health insurance benefits; and

Whereas, there is an established Part-Time Community College Faculty Health Insurance Program for the purpose of providing a state incentive program to have community college districts offer health insurance for part-time faculty; and

Whereas, a part-time faculty member and his or her eligible dependents are eligible to participate in the program; and

Whereas, the chancellor shall distribute funds that have been appropriated specifically for this purpose proportionally based on each district’s total costs for premiums for those districts that submit verification of the costs of premiums for eligible employees for a fiscal year as per California Education Code Section 87860;

Therefore, be it resolved, that the California Federation of Teachers sponsor legislation to establish a permanent healthcare program for part-time faculty and their dependents, to establish a method to supplement the portion of the program that is not funded by the state, and to report the verification of the program to the Chancellor of the Community Colleges.