May-June 2021
Volume 74, Issue 4



What does CFT say about the recall? No, no no!

CFT has taken a position on the anti-union recall of Governor Gavin Newsom: Our union is urging members to say “No” to this expensive and distracting political stunt.

Berkeley member dodges eviction, buys home with help of new state law

Jocelyn Foreman is a take-charge community outreach specialist who has helped hundreds of Berkeley families keep their kids in school during medical and economic emergencies. Foreman is legendary and beloved. Only a handful of people knew she was also homeless. A new state law helped Foreman buy her rental house. Don’t miss this story of redemption!

The story of CFT’s epic campaign against the ACCJC

BOOK REVIEW: Free City! is more than the story itself. The authors have constructed a case study of the neoliberal assault on public higher education.Beneath their microscope, we get a dissection of the nearly successful attempt by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges to shutter a premiere gateway to a better life for working class students of color, and a cogent analysis of the reasons why.

Looking forward to life, work, and union without COVID

By Jeffery M. Freitas, CFT President

Our union responded immediately to the changes wrought by the coronavirus. We were diligent in keeping school communities healthy and safe and welcomed the first glimmer of hope as vaccines became available. We have learned a lot about ourselves, our students, education systems and communities. There has been much loss. We are ready to exit the COVID era. We can also embrace the opportunities brought forward by the pandemic.


Roomers and Zoomers — educators adapt to reopening

COVID has hit many families, staff and teachers hard. Most educators have been vaccinated by now and local unions are negotiating agreements to reopen schools with the priority of keeping everyone on campus safe and healthy. Read our pandemic update here.


Pandemic underscores essential nature of classified work

During the past 15 months, computer techs helped power an overnight transition to online learning, custodians learned how to hit back at the coronavirus, health aides are now on the front lines of reopening schools, and the union helped members get their COVID-19 vaccines. Learn about it all in our classified pandemic update.


CFT calls for Calbright to shut down immediately

Out of 904 students enrolled since 2019, only 12 graduated, and more than 40 percent dropped out. There’s no discernable strategy for spending the $175 million it receives in state taxpayer funding. Shady hiring practices have led to people being selected based on personal connection rather than ability. All this is detailed in the State Auditor’s report on Calbright.


Job security still on the table for UC lecturers

Job security is still the most important issue for lecturers, especially for those still trying to reach the six-year goal. Only 7.8 percent of lecturers since 2003 have had continuing appointments. It is difficult for lecturers to reach continuing status, because the closer they get to the six-year goal, the likelier it is they won’t be rehired. The solution put forward by UC-AFT is a system to protect the job rights of lecturers as they continue teaching, especially their right to be rehired from one year to the next.


Retirees as vaccine finders

This winter and spring retirees have been busy helping others get vaccinated. People were happy when shots became available earlier in the year for people 65 and older, but in many places, the vaccines were hard to come by.


New CFT identity recognizes diverse membership

This spring CFT launched a new identity in recognition of its diverse membership. A primary goal of the rebrand was to integrate the tagline “A Union of Educators and Classified Professionals” to acknowledge that CFT represents more than teachers. Learn more about our more inclusive new CFT identity.

CFT scholarships for continuing college students

Support for college tuition has never been more important. Children or dependents of CFT members in good standing are eligible for $3000 or $1000 scholarships. The deadline for continuing college students to apply for a CFT scholarship is June 15.

New and updated in our pandemic toolkit

We continue to update our collection of pandemic resources. Here are some top posts:

Classified Conference – join us, in person, in Vegas!

At our Classified Conference this fall, you can look forward to a pre-pandemic line-up of events with plenary sessions, meal events, workshops, and social events. Registration is open now!

CFT seeks 85% adjunct teaching load, statewide path to pay parity.

The results are in! Top CFT officers reelected by mail ballot.

Classified members elected to public office, make their mark on local politics!

The community colleges are key to recovering from the pandemic. Sign on to our campaign to invest in the community colleges!

The pandemic profiteers in our state made billions! Sign on to our campaign to California Tax on Extreme Wealth!

Have a great summer!