PT Campaign


Join Our Part-Time Faculty Campaign!

For too long, too many part-time faculty in California’s community college system have gone without healthcare benefits. The CFT has launched a statewide campaign to secure health insurance coverage for all part-time faculty in the community colleges. Part-time faculty are essential to our students’ success, and like all workers they deserve access to quality, affordable healthcare. Join our campaign and join part-time faculty around the state. Together, we can do this!

part-time faculty on zoom call

Join a Phase 2 kickoff meeting on Zoom

The CFT hosted a series of regional in-person meetings to help locals prepare for this negotiation. Now CFT is hosting two Zoom meetings for those who were unable to attend in person. Register here!

Regional Trainings

Join a regional training this fall!

The CFT is hosting a series of regional meetings to prepare locals to negotiate this funding in contracts or MOUs. Let’s kick off this phase with faculty power!