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Union Media

  • CFT United, formerly named California Teacher, is the all-union news magazine with a section specific to the issues of community college faculty and staff. It is emailed to all CFT members.
  • Part-Timer is addresses issues of import to part-time faculty in the community colleges and is emailed to part-time faculty members.
  • Perspective contains essential news about issues in the community colleges. It is emailed to faculty and staff members.
  • AFT Higher Education is a regularly published email newsletter for higher education faculty and professional staff.
  • AFT Voices on Campus is a blog on that features member and leader reports on issues facing higher education throughout the nation.
  • AFT e-Activist Network offers alerts and easy ways to take important action quickly on legislation or initiatives that affects you, your workplace, and your community.

Faculty Salary Comparisons

Each year the CFT Research Department provides a comparison of faculty salaries in the 72 districts of the California community college system.

Full-Time Faculty Salary Comparison Studies
For full-time faculty, we compare five points on each salary schedule. We rank districts on each of the points and calculate the average, highest, lowest, third and first quartile salaries. In our current comparison for 2019-20, the average salary increased by 3 percent since 2018-19. 

Part-Time Faculty Salary Comparison Studies
For part-time faculty, our intent is to offer a like-for-like comparison of all districts based on an hourly rate. We choose five data points, but they vary slightly from those analyzed in the full-time report. We then compare these results to full-time salaries by calculating an adjusted hourly rate based on full-time salary. 

Organizing Materials

Community College Council Fact Sheet: A one-page summary of CFT union representation in the California community colleges. 

Retirement System

CalSTRS The retirement system for K-12 teachers and community college faculty working in public schools and colleges. The CFT monitors CalSTRS actions and sends a representative to its board meetings.

Useful Links

Local union contracts in the California community colleges
This valuable resource is maintained by Cabrillo College multimedia instructor and CFT Vice President John Govsky. Contracts are available as links or downloadable documents.

English Language Learners Toolkit
The CFT English Language Learners Committee has prepared a comprehensive online toolkit for students and families. It contains information and resources for ESL students in adult schools and community colleges and ELLs in preK-12 schools.

California Community College Registry 
A large-scale database containing the names, qualifications and desired position of potential California Community College faculty.

California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office 
The official online home of the state’s community colleges.

Academic Senate for California Community Colleges 
Keep up on the statewide Academic Senate.