Lawndale organizes workers in afterschool program

District voluntarily recognizes 90 workers who provide enrichment to district students

MORE THAN 90 ACADEMIC support employees staffing a successful extracurricular program in the Lawndale Elementary School District recently joined the ranks of the AFT, granting them the same workplace rights as unionized classified employees in the Los Angeles County K-8 district.

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Classics lecturer maintains classic ideas about unions

New local president Rundin says union makes lecturer job worth having

CLASSICS LECTURER John Rundin feels privileged to pass on to another generation the cultural treasures that were given to him by the previous generation. The teacher of Latin and ancient Greek is one of two recipients of this year’s Award for Excellence in Teaching from the UC Davis Academic Federation.


Arizona outlaws core Mexican-American Studies program

Tucson High School teacher recounts story of textbook and curricula ban

A FEW DAYS BEFORE SHE traveled to CFT Convention in San Jose, María C. Federico Brummer received an email at 8 p.m. from the Tucson Unified School District. It contained a list of newly banned books that the district wanted packed by noon the next day. During class, her students watched her comb the cabinets and remove classroom sets of the affected titles.

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Rank & Files, Feb-March 2012

Kimberly Claytor, president of the Newport-Mesa Federation of Teachers, Local 1794 and CFT vice president, was listed by Costa Mesa’s Daily Pilot newspaper as the eighth most influential person in the Newport-Mesa community for 2011. The Pilot said, “The teachers’ union president voiced support for cutting money from the administration instead of the classroom and led a teachers union no-confidence vote in the superintendent.”

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Honored academic Axel Borg a driving force at UC Davis

Agricultural sciences librarian excels at organizing information and colleagues

Long-time UC Davis reference librarian Axel Borg wears so many hats that he received the James H. Meyer Distinguished Achievement Award from the Academic Federation last year. Borg has served on three of its committees, including the one which names the Federation president each year.

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March in March voices rising anger with increasing cuts

Faculty, students, and staff demand Millionaires Tax at state Capitol rally

Getting on the bus at UC Berkeley on March 5, Desiree Angelo acknowledged how hard it has been to get to her senior year there. “I was a transfer student, a high school dropout, and a low-income student too,” she recalled. “Because I dropped out, I don’t quality for a lot of financial aid. To afford the fees, which have gone from $5100 to $7100 a semester while I’ve been here, I’ve had to work in the dining hall. The discussion sessions for my classes have been cut, and with 500 students in a class, we really need them. So I’m paying more, getting less, and working like crazy just to stay here.”

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Berkeley workers succeed in quest for AFT representation

Operations and support workers reunite with colleagues in Local 6192

For nearly a decade, classified employees in the Berkeley Unified School District were divided between two unions, but when a majority of operations and support workers signed petitions to be represented by the Berkeley Council of Classified Employees, AFT Local 6192, they were reunited. In December the school board agreed to the workers’ decision.


Local organizer preps for fall elections, takes on financial giant

Peralta Federation challenges Morgan Stanley to share bailout windfall with district

Janell Hampton rarely slows down as she goes about connecting faculty, students, staff, unions, and community groups. The political organizer for the 1000-member Peralta Federation of Teachers is pulling together people with a long-term vision for improving public education. She calls her work “the perfect opportunity to impact the world in a way other than teaching.”