Local organizer preps for fall elections, takes on financial giant

Peralta Federation challenges Morgan Stanley to share bailout windfall with district

Janell Hampton rarely slows down as she goes about connecting faculty, students, staff, unions, and community groups. The political organizer for the 1000-member Peralta Federation of Teachers is pulling together people with a long-term vision for improving public education. She calls her work “the perfect opportunity to impact the world in a way other than teaching.”

Article Elections 2012 Proposition 32

Deceptive ballot proposition is another corporate power grab

The latest in a string of ballot measures claiming to limit special interest money in politics will appear on the November ballot. This is yet another attempt to deceive voters into passing a law that benefits wealthy corporate interests at the expense of workers and unions. It is nothing but a corporate power grab, the kind California voters have already rejected twice first in 1998 and again in 2005.


Proposition 25

Prop 25 Passes, CFT-Backed Candidates Elected

All the hard work paid off for CFT members and their allies across the state who rallied, walked precincts, talked to voters over the phone, and ultimately convinced voters to overturn the state’s archaic 2/3 majority requirement for passing a state budget.  Every event like the one shown above, which took place in Watsonville on October 27, contributed to the victory of Proposition 25.  Francisco Rodriguez photo


Teachers like new “New Deal” Conference

The second annual Education and Labor Collaborative conference was held at Antioch University/Los Angeles for a labor film fest on the Friday evening of April 24, and at United Teachers Los Angeles headquarters all day Saturday. About 50 people attended the film show, and 75 attended the conference, about 25 of whom were UTLA members who received salary point credit for attending. Last year’s conference was held at United Federation of Teachers in New York.