Nov-Dec 2021
Volume 75, Issue 2

Jessica Saint Paul


UC lecturers’ victory inspires fight for equity in community colleges

By Jeffery M. Freitas, CFT President

People are finally starting to hear what we have been saying for decades: The overreliance on part-time contingent faculty in our higher education system has deprofessionalized the work and been a detriment to student success. The historic UC-AFT contract victory for lecturers paves the way for our campaign to improve conditions for part-time faculty in the community colleges.

Give the gift of social justice this holiday season

It used to be hard to find quality non-fiction, especially history, for kids. It was dumbed down, biased, written in dry adultese, poorly formatted, or some combination of these. Thankfully that’s changed. A new generation of high-interest, attractively packaged kids’ books dealing with social justice issues are now available. Give the gift of social justice to the kids in your life.

CFT sets sights on healthcare for part-time faculty

The widespread lack of healthcare has been a core issue for part-time faculty in community colleges for too long. The CFT is launching a statewide campaign to secure equitable healthcare. We need your support! Sign our letter below and register to attend our union conference further down.

  • Urge the governor to fund healthcare for part-time faculty in his January budget.


Staff shortages leading to overwork, underpayment, burn out and blame

The majority of districts across the state face shortages of teachers, subs, paraeducators, custodians and bus drivers, leading to students — especially in special education — not getting enough attention, classrooms that haven’t been cleaned, and everyone feeling burned out. Local unions are watching, monitoring, and taking action.


Statewide recognition for staff working with homeless and formerly incarcerated students

The California Community Colleges has recognized two dynamic and talented CFT members in the Los Angeles area for their leadership, commitment, and ethics. Learn about their inspirational work on campus.


What does gratitude look like? Find out from three members deep in student debt

A shocking 98% of people who applied for Public Loan Service Forgiveness were rejected due to dysfunction, convoluted rules, and sloppy management. Read how these three CFT members helped AFT score a major legal victory against Betsy DeVos and the U.S. Department of Education that will bring relief to thousands of public service workers. Teachers whose claims were denied will now get a second chance under the new agreement.


UC lecturers avert strike, greet new contract as “a game changer”

The groundbreaking agreement includes job protections that create opportunities for lecturers at every stage of their careers to advance, as well as greater transparency and enforceability of workload issues, improved compensation with an average of 30% pay increases across the life of the contract, and four weeks of fully paid family leave to bond with a new child or care for ailing family members.


What are the WEP and GPO and how will they affect your pension?

“The vast majority of people have no idea they’re going to get hammered,” said one retirement expert. Why? The Windfall Elimination Provision and the Government Pension Offset affect retirees who receive pensions from government agencies that do not participate in the Social Security system — this includes California teachers in CalSTRS. New bills before Congress would repeal these unfair penalties.


Unions support new report — a bold clean energy transition in California is possible

California got some great news in a report sponsored by a wide range of labor unions, including the CFT. The Pollin Report says a clean energy transition in our state is a realistic goal and workers do not have to be left behind to accomplish it. Find the report and more in our Climate Justice Toolkit.

Register now for our Part-Time Faculty Conference!

Join us at this CFT conference that will bring together part-time faculty in community colleges, lecturers at the University of California, and part-time faculty at private universities to focus on issues, advocacy, and the CFT’s new campaign.

CFT honored with national labor media awards

The CFT works hard to communicate with you! Our union website and member-driven stories have once again won top awards from the International Labor Communications Association. Find our award-winning digital content here.

Is your high school senior heading to college next fall?

Children or dependents of CFT members in good standing are eligible for $3,000 or $1,000 scholarships. Support for college tuition has never been more important and this benefit of membership has helped hundreds of members’ children. High school seniors may apply starting December 15.

Give union this holiday season — onesies, ladies bling shirts, polos!

There’s never been a better time than the current surge of union organizing to give the gift of union solidarity. Consider a union onesie, a sparkly ladies bling shirt, a union hoodie, or many other one-of-a-kind gifts. You won’t find them anywhere but in the CFT Store. Wear them proudly!

Have a much deserved restful holiday season!