Negotiating statewide contracts for librarians and lecturers

The University Council-AFT represents non-Senate faculty and librarians working in classrooms, libraries, education programs and professional schools on all 10 UC campuses at the University of California. UC-AFT negotiates statewide contracts for its members, unique among the divisions of CFT.

Since the formation of the union in 1982, UC-AFT has worked to improve wages, working conditions, job security and benefits for members. Today, lecturers have one of the strongest non-Senate faculty contracts in the nation. Yet, the struggle continues for market rate salaries, adequate professional development funding, reasonable workloads, better job security, and ultimately, an equitable system of academic appointments for librarians and teaching faculty at the University of California. UC-AFT has a long history of involvement and cooperation with senate faculty at UC, several hundred of whom have chosen to become members of the union.


Council Officers

Mia McIver, President
UC-AFT Los Angeles, AFT Local 1990

John Rundin, Vice President for Legislation
UC-AFT Davis, AFT Local 2023

Carly Arbagey, Vice President for Grievances
UC-AFT Riverside, AFT Local 1966

Daniel Schoorl, Vice President for Organizing
UC-AFT Santa Cruz, AFT Local 2199

Miki Goral, Secretary Treasurer
UC-AFT Los Angeles, AFT Local 1990

For issues about contract administration on your campus, please contact your local staff representatives. 

Mailing address: 11728 Wilshire Blvd., Suite B1007, Los Angeles, CA 90025

The UC-AFT Constitution governs the division.