In-Person Training Course Descriptions
High-quality trainings with networking opportunities


The CFT offers in-person trainings on a variety of topics. Course overviews can be found below. Watch our training schedule for these and more in-person trainings. 

Presidents: How to Run an Effective Local Union

This course covers the basic knowledge you need as an AFT Local President, provides participatory training on useful leadership skills, and allows you to share best practices and challenges leader-to-leader. This training is designed for local presidents elected within the last two years and those wanting a refresher course.

Treasurers: Financial Stewardship for a Strong Local Union

This comprehensive training will put you  at ease and provide you practical tools to effectively carry out your role and responsibilities as a local union treasurer. Using a hands-on format, accounting experts share examples of best practices essential in union administration. The course is designed for new or experienced AFT Local Union Treasurers whose responsibilities include maintaining union’s financial records and reports.

Running for Public Office: Candidate Training

We need our voices represented in public office! Are you interested in running for office?  Is your local planning to run a candidate? Learn how to identify and recruit candidates, create personal stories that resonate, and raise the necessary funds to elect our members and advocates into office. 

Site Reps & Stewards: Resolving Workplace Issues

Achieving good resolutions 
to on-the-job issues is an important way that the union brings fairness and the voice of educators to the workplace. In this introductory course for union stewards and site representatives we discuss strategies, best practices, and skills to address on-the-job issues so that our classrooms, campuses, school buses, offices, and school grounds are better places for our members to work and our students to learn. We look at a variety of tools including basic grievance handling, organizing, and member outreach.

Train-the-Trainer: Worksite Leaders 

Participants will leave this Train-the-Trainer prepared to teach the CFT Worksite Leaders Training Program for new union site reps, building reps, and stewards. The training that participants will deliver covers a range of introductory topics including legal rights, basic grievance handling, role of worksite leaders, member outreach, and tools to address worksite issues and contract violations. This is a great course for local unions that aim to strengthen representational programs and expand member-to-member outreach.

Train-the-Trainer: Political Organizing

Elections are critical for public education unions and workers’ rights. Local governing board seats may be open and significant statewide races may be in play. This curriculum will provide local union leaders and staff with materials for political action workshops at union meetings and key information to ensure a win at the ballot box.