More Labor History & Social Justice Lessons
Plus a quick guide to labor education groups


These websites are useful to the mission and practice of labor education in PreK-12 schools and beyond.

  • AFT Human Rights
    AFT’s resource for educators who are looking for human rights lessons one click away. Each lesson plan centers around one specific human rights issue or defender, connecting the present to the past and offering actions students can take today. Lesson plans were created by teachers, for teachers to engage middle school and high school students. Each lesson includes interactive videos, worksheets, and hands-on activities.   
  • American Labor Studies Center 
    Collects, analyzes and disseminate labor studies curricula and related materials aligned to the various state and national standards for PreK-12 teachers. Includes a section for teachers, labor history lessons, and how to use songs to teach labor history. 

  • California Department of Education
    Has a model curriculum on Cesar Chavez and farm labor for grades K-12. The CDE has compiled a collection of photos for education use, biographies in multiple languages, and resources for the public. 
  • Labor Heritage Foundation 
    Curates contemporary and historical labor history happenings, has an online store and more useful links. 
  • National Archives
    Offers a lesson on child labor and includes the powerful photos of Lewis Hine.
    Offers an interesting curation of labor history materials related to Rochester, New York, but with universal work-related coloring books and links to numerous resources. 
  • Safe Jobs for Youth 
    Aims to help prevent California’s young workers from being injured or killed on the job and references laws specific to California. Includes resources for teachers, teens, parents, and employers. 
  • United Association for Labor Education
    An organization of labor educators working towards progress, growth, and hope for the labor movement