Fall 2019
Volume 31, Number 1


When part-time faculty become local presidents

In local unions representing all faculty, there has been a recent trend of the membership electing a part-time faculty member to lead the union, with significant support from the full-timers. There is perhaps no better example of this, though he might be reluctant himself to say so, than Keith Ford.

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Governor makes it easier to qualify for federal loan forgiveness, but vetoes paid maternity leave

AB 463 seeks to remedy the all-too-frequent problem of part-time faculty not qualifying for the federal Student Loan Forgiveness Program. It mandates that a multiplier for every classroom hour per week be applied — a much better reflection of the actual hours an instructor works.

Here’s what the new law means to part-time faculty.

Next week is Campus Equity Week: Plan an action on your campus!

The systematic underfunding of higher ed has to a crisis in which 68 percent of California community college faculty now work as part-time, or temporary instructors. The CFT Part-Time Faculty Committee has curated resources to help you publicize this inequity during Campus Equity Week. Plus there are new AFT rally signs and flyers for #CEW2019.

Find ideas and resources in our Campus Equity Week toolkit.

From the CFT Archive 1999: State Senator Adam Schiff goes to the head of the class

Twenty years ago Congressman Adam Schiff, now chair of the House Intelligence Committee, was a part-time faculty member at Glendale College.

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What I learned in my research of the Involuntary Adjunct

Cerritos adjunct Bobbi-Lee Smart wanted to understand the reality of “involuntary adjuncts” — those whose who want full-time tenure track jobs, couldn’t get a position, so worked as “full-time” adjuncts.

Read a summary of her smart findings.



New chair of state Democratic Party is a part-timer

Read about adjunct Rusty Hicks…and Andra Hoffman, the president of the L.A. Community College District Board of Trustees …plus how an AFT Mobilization inspired part-time faculty participants.

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CFT releases new Part-Time Faculty Salary Comparison

The CFT Research Department has released the eagerly anticipated Part-Time Faculty Salary Comparison for 2018-19. The report analyzes adjunct pay in districts across the state.

Find our new salary comparison here.

Campus Equity Week conference to focus on contingent faculty in all higher ed

In an event which channels the spirit of Campus Equity Week, leaders from several AFT community college local unions, UC-AFT, and San Francisco State will host a free conference on the future of higher education at Berkeley City College on October 25.

Learn about the day-long conference and RSVP here.

Just announced! CFT to hold conference for part-time faculty this spring

The CFT will hold a Part-Time Faculty Conference on April 17-18. The location is still to be determined, but mark your calendars now! And keep an eye on our online calendar for new information.

Union scholarships for high school seniors

Children or dependents of members in good standing are eligible for $3000 or $1000 scholarships. The deadline for high school seniors to apply for a scholarship is December 15.

Learn more about the CFT Raoul Teilhet Scholarships.