With California facing an unprecedented budget crisis, we can no longer afford the failed experiment of Calbright College.

Now is the time to take the critical resources being wasted on the misguided and mismanaged Calbright College and invest in our traditional community colleges and the students and workers we serve.

Urge Governor Newsom to end the failed Calbright College experiment

As California continues to face the COVID-19 pandemic, and with millions out of work across the state, our community colleges are literally a lifeline for our students and our communities.

With deep cuts on the horizon for our community colleges, the $140 million in state funds being wasted on Calbright College would be much better spent invested back into our locally-accountable, fully-accredited community college districts and their online/workforce programs.

Please write Governor Newsom today and urge him to close the failed Calbright College!