Fall 2019
Volume 10, Number 1


State Supreme Court victory brings back pay with interest to Antelope Valley College staff

“This is an incredible victory for workers,” said local President Pam Ford, center. “It’s a David and Goliath story. We took this case through every step in our contract and won, then we took it to PERB and won, and now we won at the California Supreme Court. That shows the system works.”

Classified Conference takes on Election 2020

Members from classified locals across the state recently met in Glendale to swap organizing tips, celebrate victories, and strengthen political skills. State Superintendent Tony Thurmond made a Sunday morning appearance too.

Summer Assistance Program: How to make it happen in your district now!

Classified employees in K-12 schools may be able to set aside money during the academic year and have it redistributed during the summer months. And the state will double the amount employees set aside. But your local union must act now!

Successful CFT bill halves probation in non-merit K-12 districts

In October, Gov. Newsom signed a bumper crop of new laws that will benefit classified staff across the state, including shorter probation for classified in K-12 non-merit districts, charter reform and more.

CalPERS bails out of private prisons

CalPERS recently rattled the cages of the for-profit prison industry by divesting nearly $10 million of stock in the country’s two biggest private jailers.


The CFT is running a series of brief surveys to better understand the issues that are important to California members in the presidential election. The information gathered in these surveys will be used to inform how CFT will weigh in during the AFT’s formal endorsement process.


The CFT offers scholarships to high school seniors who are dependents of members in good standing. The deadline for seniors to apply for a Raoul Teilhet Scholarship is December 15.

Give #CFT100 swag as holiday gifts! The CFT’s 100th Anniversary store offers union-made gifts for your like-minded family and friends.