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Civil Rights Groups, Researchers, Legal Scholars, and Top Educators Urge Reversal of Deeply Flawed Vergara Ruling

Amicus “Friend of the Court” Briefs Filed Today
Spotlight Harm to Students and Failings of Decision

Los Angeles—Some of the nation’s top legal scholars, education policy experts, civil rights advocates, award-winning teachers, school board members and administrators filed five amici curiae, or “friend of the court,” briefs with the California Court of Appeal today. 

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Court dismisses “Bain v. CTA”

Unions’ right to determine membership withstands corporate legal assault

Los Angeles—U.S. District Court judge Stephen V. Wilson today announced the dismissal of “April Bain et al v. California Teachers Association et al,” the latest example of corporate interests reinterpreting the First Amendment to silence the collective voice of the Nation’s working men and women and undermine the democratic process within unions.

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Statement from Los Rios College Federation of Teachers on Shooting at Sacramento City College

“We want to express our support for our colleagues at Sacramento City College following the tragic shooting of three students on campus that resulted in one fatality. We extend our sincere condolences to those students and their families. Both the Los Rios Faculty Union and Senate leadership agree that we need to remain vigilant in our efforts to ensure campus safety and will work collaboratively to discuss further steps in light of yesterday’s tragic occurrence.

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Chancellor’s task force calls for new accreditor to oversee state’s community colleges

Rogue agency ACCJC handed a serious setback by report

Today the California Community College Chancellor’s office released its long-awaited task force report on accreditation and the practices of the Accrediting Commission for Community Junior Colleges (ACCJC). Validating the view of the California Federation of Teachers (CFT) that this rogue commission needs reform or replacement, the task force heavily criticized the way the commission does business, capped with a recommendation that California find a new accreditor.

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Accrediting Commission Again Denies Due Process

Commission Fails to Consider Evidence Presented by City College of San Francisco

Sacramento – Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) again failed to provide due process when it announced yesterday, Aug. 5, that it had summarily rejected City College of San Francisco’s request for reconsideration of ACCJC’s flawed 2013 sanction disacrrediting the college.

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Supreme Court to Hear Friedrichs v. CTA

Another potential blow to middle class in age of growing inequality

The Supreme Court decided today to hear an anti-union lawsuit, Friedrichs v. CTA. Although the California Teachers Association (CTA) was named as the defendant, a ruling in the case will equally impact the California Federation of Teachers, which likewise represents teachers and other school employees in the state. 

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Another Misguided Billionaire-Backed Lawsuit

Teacher evaluation lawsuit Doe v Antioch is the latest in a series of special interest attacks on public education

CFT Statement: The Doe v Antioch lawsuit filed yesterday is just another in a long line of cynical attacks on public education.

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Community College Accreditation Reform One Step Closer to Reality

CFT-Sponsored Bills Pass Senate Education Committee

SACRAMENTO – On Wednesday, California’s community college system – numbering more than 2 million students – got one step closer to a more consistent, transparent process when it comes to accrediting the system’s 112 schools.

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Statement from CFT on the Supreme Court Ruling Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage

Education union applauds decision, calls it a ‘great victory for all’

The Supreme Court’s ground-breaking ruling today providing same-sex couples the right to marry is a monumental step forward for social justice and civil rights in this country. The decision is announced on the second anniversary of their ruling that the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was unconstitutional. We applaud today’s decision.

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Appeals Court Denies Community College Accrediting Commission’s Objections

Rules that CFT suit does not violate ACCJC’s free speech rights

The California Court of Appeals has confirmed a San Francisco Superior Court ruling rejecting the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges’ claim that its rights were violated in the lawsuit brought against it by the California Federation of Teachers and the City College of San Francisco faculty union, AFT 2121.

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Heald, CCSF show it’s time to reform ACCJC

ACCJC broke laws pursuing City College, asleep at wheel for Heald College
Oakland—One day after Assemblymember Phil Ting’s accreditation reform bills, AB 1397 and AB 1385, passed the state Assembly with overwhelming bipartisan support, students, faculty, and community supporters rallied outside the biannual Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) three-day meeting at an Oakland airport hotel.

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Catholic High School Teachers Face New Assault by Administration

Move to get rid of employment stability adds to unfair demands on teachers
Teachers for the San Francisco Archdiocese, represented by the American Federation of Teachers, Local 2240, face the growing prospect, for the first time since the union was formed in 1972, of entering the summer without a new contract.

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UC Contingent Faculty Agree to Temporarily Extend Labor Contract

Lecturers mark contract extension with meetings, action
CALIFORNIA – UC AFT-represented faculty in the University of California system held meetings and rallies on most of the undergraduate campuses today (terms have ended on semester campuses) after accepting a short-term extension of their collective bargaining agreement late last week. The contract was set to expire June 1.

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CFT Statement on the May Revision of the State Budget

Building on Prop 30 for a brighter future

Governor Brown is moving in the right direction with this proposal to direct more resources toward schools and to the most needy Californians through the Earned Income Tax Credit. But despite gains for some in the state, economic inequality, as the Governor noted, has continued to grow. The state budget should represent an effort to level the playing field for all Californians.

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Educators Appeal Deeply Flawed Vergara Ruling

Educators Appeal Deeply Flawed Vergara Ruling Decision hurts students and hurts teachers

LOS ANGELES — The California Teachers Association and the California Federation of Teachers filed opening briefs today in their appeal of Judge Rolf Treu’s deeply flawed decision in Vergara v. California, a baseless lawsuit brought by corporate privatizers seeking to strike down statutes protecting teachers from arbitrary firings, providing transparency in layoff decisions, and supporting due process rights, all of which contribute to student success.