Los Angeles adjunct becomes chair of California Democratic Party

Rusty Hicks, known to the larger California public as the newly elected leader of the California Democratic Party, is known to the students of the Los Angeles Community College District and the Los Angeles College Faculty Guild, Local 1521, by another title since 2016 — Adjunct Instructor of Labor Studies.

The labor acumen Hicks displays in the classroom clearly comes from his 13 years of experience as both political director and president of the L.A. Federation of Labor, which oversees some 300 unions and over 800,000 members. Under his leadership, the LA Fed doubled its female membership, increased youth leadership five-fold, and made it possible for 60 percent of Federation leadership to be people of color. He also lead the successful fight for a $15 an hour minimum wage in Los Angeles.

Where Hicks really shines is in educating future labor leaders. Recently, CFT adjuncts Grace Chee, from AFT Local 1521, and Veronica Miranda, from the nearby Cerritos Faculty Federation, had the privilege to participate in the Hicks-developed, LA Fed Leadership Academy.

“I was able to reflect on myself as a leader, said Miranda of the experience, “and I found ways to improve upon my leadership abilities.”

Here’s to Hicks growing more future leaders in his new role.

Just announced! CFT to hold Part-Time Faculty Conference in the spring

The CFT has just announced that it will hold a Part-Time Faculty Conference this spring on April 17-18. The location is still to be determined, but mark your calendars now! And keep an eye on the CFT online calendar for more information.

CFT releases Part-Time Faculty Salary Comparison for 2018-19

The CFT Research Department has released the eagerly anticipated Part-Time Faculty Salary Comparison. The report analyzes adjunct pay in districts across the state, despite the challenges of different methods of payment. It also “teases out” information about office hours. 

You can also find last year’s report and the Full-Time Faculty Salary Comparisons in our Community College Resource section on the CFT website. 

AFT builds local power through its contingent faculty mobilization

AFT held its 2nd Annual Contingent Faculty Mobilization Training at Evergreen College in Washington from July 7-15. The event, which involved intense organizing training and team building skills, allowed for participants to engage in hands on prospective member recruiting and organizing field work. Additionally, it provided adjunct/contingent faculty the opportunity to collaborate with each other and AFT lead staff on local struggles, while developing strategies for dealing with various contract issues.

“It was a great experience,” said participant Veronica Miranda, from the Cerritos Faculty Federation, AFT Local 6215. “Not only did it allow local leaders from around the country to meet and connect, it provided me — and I think everyone — vital organizing skills and information to take to our home states and locals. As soon as I hit the ground in California, I contacted my local to share with them everything I learned.”

Miranda said Local 6215 is currently “deep into planning” for an upcoming membership drive. “I’ve been working with our membership committee and our organizer to deliver a training to our executive board and member volunteers. I believe this training will be instrumental in improving how we interact with our bargaining unit and learning about what matters most to them.”

New Board of Trustees president in Los Angeles known by other title: Adjunct

Often, the leaders in public education who can make the greatest difference are those who can identify with the struggles of student and faculty alike, from the elite and established, to those who do good work and struggle in the background. By all accounts, Andra Hoffman, the new board president of the Los Angeles Community College District, fits this profile. While a board president, and Dean of Student Services, she is also an adjunct professor of government and policy at Glendale College.

While her primary job is as Dean of Student Services, Hoffman teaches California and American government as an adjunct, and this experience has given her a clear appreciation of the adjunct struggle.

Hoffman’s larger concerns are with student equity and success. She herself struggled as a single parent when acquiring her education, which has fueled her passion for student equity and women’s causes. She is a strong advocate for undocumented students, and most recently made chair of the L.A. district’s Sexual Harassment/Title IX Task Force to create awareness and establish a learning environment free of discrimination and sexual harassment.