Part-Time Faculty Committee


The Part-Time Faculty Committee advances, through political action and collective bargaining, the interests of contingent faculty in both public and private higher education.


  • Track legislation and provide advice to CFT legislative program on policy issues related to part-time faculty.
  • Track the categorical funding in the state budget for part-time faculty to assist with efforts on parity issues.
  • Engage part-time faculty from CFT local unions across the state.
  • Hold workshops and produce materials to ensure that CFT locals have the information to be effective advocates of part-time faculty. 
  • Align committee’s work with any part-time faculty equity efforts of the related Division Councils and provide regular committee updates to them.


Linda Chan, Co-Chair, Citrus College Adjunct Faculty Federation
John Govsky, Co-Chair, Cabrillo College Federation of Teachers
Barbara Baer, Palomar Faculty Federation
Nicholas Barron, West Valley-Mission Federation of Teachers
Lisa Bell, San Jose/Evergreen Federation of Teachers
Geoffery Johnson, AFT Guild, San Diego and Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community Colleges
Elaine Robinson, Yuba College Federation of Teachers
Elizabeth Russell, El Camino College Federation of Teachers
Jory Segal, West Valley-Mission Federation of Teachers
Linda Sneed, Los Rios College Federation of Teachers
Juliann Wolfgram, Glendale College Guild
Aimee Shreck,Staff Liaison



Committee members work on the CFT’s Part-Timer newsletter that advocates for the rights of part-time faculty and covers issues of relevance.

Campus Equity Week Toolkit

Committee members have compiled a resource-rich online toolkit and guide to action for faculty and students during Campus Equity Week.

Guide to Unemployment Benefits 

The committee has prepared this step-by-step guide to applying for unemployment benefits during summer and holiday breaks.

Part-Time Faculty Issue Paper

Issue Paper on Part-Time Faculty summarizes the crisis of contingent labor in higher education and how we got here. Designed for distribution to CFT members, state legislators and other policymaking bodies.