At the CFT Convention in March, the full body of delegates passed three important resolutions that affect part-time faculty.

  • Resolution 5 calls for the CFT to work on passing legislation that allows the accrued sick leave from all districts where a part-time faculty member has worked to be reported to CalSTRS upon retirement. This could greatly benefit instructors who have worked in multiple districts.
  • Resolution 6 potentially benefits part-time faculty enrolled in CalSTRS by calling on CFT to work toward changing AB 340 so that part-time faculty could begin collecting their pension and continue working without having to wait 180 days.
  • Resolution 23, which could serve an even greater number of part-time faculty, directs CFT to “aggressively pursue” legislative action so that part-time faculty reach “full pro rata pay” — pay parity with full-time faculty — within five years of associated legislation.

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