CFT IS FOCUSED on campus safety as it advances legislation and finalizes resolutions on gun control.

Retrofit door locks Doors that lock from the inside have been mandatory on new school construction since CFT-sponsored AB211 became law in 2010, but some districts have resisted retrofitting existing buildings citing cost. Spurred by the Newtown shooting, the Senate Appropriations Committee passed CFT-sponsored SB316 (Block, D-San Diego), but amended it so only districts that accept federal funds or state facilities modernization funds will be required to retrofit the locks.

Create bullying hotline The Senate Appropriations Committee passed SB231 (Correa, D-Santa Ana) to create a 24-hour statewide bullying hotline staffed by psychologists who would provide immediate counseling and inform a bullied child’s parents and school about the bullying.

Keep schools weapon-free Pat Egan, chair of the Safe and Non-Violent Schools Committee, said members are nearly done recrafting several resolutions put before CFT Convention in March. “They call for three things,” Egan said. “One, that campuses remain weapon-free except for authorized safety personnel; two, a ban on assault weapons like the one passed during the Clinton Administration; and three, restore funds cut from mental health services and support legislation so that people identified with mental issues can’t buy guns.”