In a crowded field of 17 propositions on the statewide ballot, voters clearly saw the value of publicly funded education and passed CFT’s top priority, Proposition 55, with an impressive 24-point margin.

Prop 55 will ensure continued funding for schools and community colleges at the rate of roughly $8 billion a year by maintaining the existing income tax on the wealthiest Californians through 2030. Victory on Prop 55 was critical, and now districts and unions will be able to determine spending without the fear of layoffs, program cuts or eliminations, or student fee increases.

Proposition 55 effectively extends Proposition 30, which started as the CFT’s Millionaires Tax and which voters passed in 2012. It maintains the current income tax rates established in Prop 30 for individuals earning more than $250,000 and couples earning more than $500,000 a year, and extends them for 12 more years.

Another CFT priority was returning effective bilingual education to schools. With an impressive margin of 45 points, voters overwhelmingly passed Proposition 58 to repeal 1998’s Proposition 227, which mandated English-only language education for most California students. With Prop 58 in place, parents and school districts will be able to work together to choose how best to teach English learners.


  • CFT video: The 6-minute video “Prop 55: Help our children thrive,” explains why we need to maintain the 2012 tax on the state’s wealthiest
  • The Difference Prop 30 Makes: A two-page flyer makes the argument why the crucial tax in Prop 30 needs to be continued
  • FAQ: All the facts about how Prop 55 will help education.
  • Ballot summary: Prepared by Attorney General Kamala Harris.


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