Talking Taxes Toolkit
Fair tax policies to fund our future


It takes fair tax policies to fund California’s future. In order to provide for the schools and services everyone needs, voters need to know what’s at stake when tax measures come before them. These materials explain fair tax policies and the progress CFT has made in implementing them. 


Schools and Communities First
California loses $9 billion dollars in revenues that should be going to schools and services each year due to loopholes in commercial property tax law. The Schools and Communities First coalition is working to close the loopholes, and provide the opportunities for California that come with adequate funding. 

What can you do?
Go to the Schools and Communities First website and sign up to receive updates on the campaign and endorse the movement.


Profound: The Impact of Prop 30
Prop 30, passed in 2012, is working. Each year the funding from this progressive tax has further stabilized California’s economy, and restored more programs to schools and services. In this video we see how deep the cuts went before 2012, and examples of how Prop 30 funding has brought back laid-off teachers, classified employees, and helped students who needed help the most to gain access to improved educational opportunities.

The Difference Prop 30 Makes
A two-page flyer summarizing the achievements of Prop 30 around the state, and making the argument why this crucial tax needs to be renewed or a comparable progressive tax measure put in its place.

How We Won: A Short History of Proposition 30
An in-depth article describing how we got to Proposition 30, which imposed a higher income tax rate on wealthy Californians, and a tiny increase in state sales tax, bringing the state $6 billion a year to restore cuts in public education and social services. The article describes how the idea began in the Fight for California’s Future campaign, and eventuated in passage in  2012 of a statewide tax in a supposedly “anti-tax state.”


Prop 55: Helping our children thrive
This six-minute video explains why, four years later in 2016, schools needed a Prop 30 extension. Four CFT members hurt by the Great Recession describe their experiences prior to passage of Prop 30 in 2012, and detail how their situations, and that of their students, improved after that ballot measure was passed. Voters agreed and passed Prop 55. Prop 55, the Children’s Education and Health Care Protection Act, maintains Prop 30’s modest income tax increase on people making over $250,000 a year to fund schools and vital services.


Booklet: Talking Taxes
A 20-page booklet that provides the general economic and historical background an activist needs to contribute to the movement for fair taxes, as well as specific activities to engage in, sample letters to the editor and op eds, statistics useful in discussions, and more.

Brochure: CFT Progressive Tax Policy
The short course: a two-sided brochure that succinctly lays out the arguments for fair tax policies, including a brief explanation of progressive versus regressive taxes, a few pertinent facts about wealth and income inequality, and a sample letter to your legislator.

What to say when they tell you "business and jobs will flee California"
You’ve heard the argument a million times. If the topic comes up about the need for fair tax policies on the rich and corporations to fund public education and services, the first objection you will hear is “But businesses/the rich will leave California, and then all the jobs will be gone.” Here are the simple, fact-based answers to this pervasive myth, spread every day by big business propaganda.

Presentation: Talking Taxes, Fixing Our Future
A 25-slide Powerpoint presentation on how fair tax policies can successfully address restoring public education and services to the levels Californians need and deserve. Includes presentation notes.

Tax the Rich: An Animated Fairy Tale
This eight-minute video shows how we arrived at the moment of poorly funded public services and widening economic inequality. The CFT-produced video is narrated by Emmy Award-winning actor Ed Asner, with animation by award-winning artist Mike Konopacki, and written and directed by former Communications Director Fred Glass.

Bibliography and Further Resources
Books, articles, websites and videos to help you understand the growing economic inequality in California and the nation, and how progressive tax policy can reverse it.

For more information, to order copies of these publications, or to hold a meeting in your union local or community organization to explain these issues and motivate people to become active, contact Matthew Hardy.