To date, several CFT locals have elected to implement State Disability Insurance for their members. Part-time faculty in particular could benefit from participation in this program in the event of partial or full disability.

If your local has implemented or is considering implementing SDI, you should know that an integrated SDI and sick-leave program, such as the one put in place in the Peralta Community College District, “allows one to use a portion of one’s sick time while receiving SDI to get to 100 percent of their assignment pay,” according to Sara Connors, staffer for the Peralta Federation.

“For example, if one’s SDI benefit is 55 percent of one’s gross semester pay, one could use a portion of one’s accumulated sick time to make up the difference (55 percent from SDI + 45 percent of accumulated sick time =100 percent of regular semester pay).” According to Connors and others, it may be necessary to negotiate this integrated system to insure that members can rely on it.