»Gilroy Federation of Paraeducators negotiated a 5.5 percent pay increase retroactive to December 1, a one-time 2 percent raise back to July 2014, adjustments of 3 percent for most job classes, increased 
stipends and out-of-class pay.

»Weaver Federation of Educational Employees will see a 5 percent raise retroactive to July 1, 2014, and 1.1 percent off-schedule for the entire year; another 5 percent raise and one-time 1.1 percent lump sum on July 1, and a third 5 percent pay increase in July 2016. 

»Mendocino County Federation of School Employees negotiated a 5 percent pay increase retroactive to July 1, 2014, and another 
3.5 percent effective July 1. New contract language will allow classified with more seniority to “bump-up” into annual assignments with 
additional months.

»Horicon Elementary Federation of Teachers reached a three-year agreement for classified and certificated that includes a 4 percent pay increase effective July 1, and 2 percent more in July 2016. Two classified positions moved to higher columns on the schedule.

»Lycée Francais de San Francisco won a strong first contract after fighting back concessions to win a 5 percent salary increase, paid bereavement leave, catastrophic sick leave bank, union consultation before policy and curriculum changes, and improved vacation accrual for many support staff.