In a show of support for part-time faculty, the CFT committed this year to completing the first phase of a substantial study of part-time faculty compensation that may prove invaluable to those seeking stronger contract language for part-time instructors.

Initiated by the CFT Part-Time Committee, the compilation of data on part-time salaries has been a complicated task, since methods of calculating compensation, length of academic term, and other factors can vary so dramatically among colleges throughout the state. This first phase of the project, completed by the CFT Research Department, will be released once participating locals have had the opportunity to verify the data.

According to Part-Time Committee Co-Chair John Govsky, this is an exciting project, as it will afford part-time faculty advocates a tool with which to compare pay rates and schedules.

When finished, the document will offer the following information: how much per hour part-time faculty earn at various points on their institution’s salary schedule, whether their pay rate reflects the level of education attained, the number of steps and columns on the salary schedule, and the rate at which faculty can advance along the schedule. Lastly, the study will provide information about compensation for part-time faculty who hold office hours.