Retirement Policy Committee


The Retirement Policy Committee, composed of both working and retired educators and staff, monitors the activities of CalSTRS and CalPERS and recommends positions on key issues. 


  • Monitor the statutes and regulatory policies that govern the CalSTRS and CalPERS.
  • Track and recommend positions on issues that CalSTRS and CalPERS are considering as well as on other retirement legislation or policy issues, including the Social Security system.
  • Coordinate public message with the CFT legislative program. 
  • Offer testimony when appropriate before the CalSTRS and CalPERS Boards as well as before state and federal legislative and regulatory bodies.
  • Organize workshops and produce materials to ensure that CFT locals and members have the information to be effective advocates on retirement policy issues.
  • Make policy recommendations concerning retirement issues to CFT governance bodies.


Douglas Orr, Chair, San Francisco Community College District Federation of Teachers, Retiree Chapter
Lacy Barnes, State Center Federation of Teachers
Grace Chee, Los Angeles College Faculty Guild
Dennis Cox, ABC Federation of Teachers, Retiree Chapter
Cassondra Curiel, United Educators of San Francisco
Rhonda McNutt, ABC Federation of Teachers
Lucy Navarro, Gilroy Federation of Paraeducators
William Philipps, Santa Cruz Federation of Retired Educational Personnel
Angela Simon, El Camino College Federation of Teachers
Cha-Zette Smith, AFT College Staff Guild-Los Angeles
Anthony Solis​, Staff Liaison