Require Economic and Environmental Impact Reports before charter schools are approved
March 24, 2019


Whereas, the proliferation of charter schools has caused many public and charter schools to be under-enrolled; and

Whereas, many neighborhoods are saturated with schools; and

Whereas, traffic and safety concerns are often ignored when new charter schools are built; and

Whereas, renters and homeowners are being pushed out of neighborhoods they’ve lived in for decades through gentrification; and

Whereas, resources and money should be used to support existing schools;

Therefore, be it resolved, that new charter schools shall not negatively impact the enrollment of already established schools in the neighborhood; and

Be it further resolved, that CFT will support or sponsor legislation and local municipal policies that would require an Economic Impact Report, Facility Impact Report, and a California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Impact Report prior to a charter school being authorized and/or built and/or co- located on present district campuses.

  • Passed as Resolution 4 by CFT Convention March 24, 2019
  • Submitted by the EC/TK-12 Council