Limit administrator staffing in adult schools
March 25, 2018


Whereas, too many adult education programs across California continue to struggle with insufficient funding to meet regional need; and

Whereas, too many adults in California who need education to provide better lives for themselves and their families continue to remain underserved by their local adult education agencies due to limited funding; and

Whereas, in too many regions of California, students who need adult education find only long wait lists when they seek to enroll in a range of classes, from ESL to Career Technical Education; and

Whereas, districts in the state are spending limited funds on large numbers of out-of-classroom positions which do not directly contribute to the instruction of students, when those funds are needed for classroom instruction; and

Whereas, in some California adult education districts, the ratio of administrators to students and teachers working in the program is much higher than that ratio in K-12 schools in the same districts, without justification;

Therefore, be it resolved, that while the California Federation of Teachers continues to study the issue of the imbalanced ratio of administration to teachers in adult education, the CFT supports a policy position prioritizing adult education funding for direct instruction by advocating that administrative staffing in adult schools shall not exceed the administrator/teacher Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) ratio of a district’s secondary schools.