Adult Education Committee


The Adult Education Committee advocates for those CFT members involved in adult education, participates in state, federal, and organizational initiatives advancing their status. and promotes access to high-quality adult education.


  • Identify and monitor issues and activities relating to adult education at the California Department of Education, the Community College Chancellor’s Office, and other appropriate bodies.
  • Track the development of consortiums and give direction on areas to address. Monitor statutes and regulatory policies that govern adult education.
  • Track and analyze legislation related to adult education, assist in making policy recommendations, testify on behalf of the CFT before state legislative bodies and participate in grassroots lobbying. 
  • Make policy recommendations to CFT governance bodies.
  • Develop workshops and produce materials on adult education to ensure that CFT locals have the information to be effective advocates locally on these issues.
  • Communicate CFT positions related to adult education, keeping Federation locals and members informed concerning such issues.


Matthew Kogan, Chair, United Teachers Los Angeles
Boi Hien Augustiny, Berkeley Federation of Teachers
Michelle Cohen, United Teachers Los Angeles
Michael Delaney, San Jose Federation of Teachers
Diane Jhun, ABC Federation of Teachers
Elnora Lewis, Santa Cruz Federation of Retired Educational Personnel
Dan Martin, Staff Liaison


Adult Education Issue Paper

Adult Education Issue Paper was crafted by committee members to interpret the issues facing adult education for CFT members, state legislators and other policymaking bodies.