Banned Books Week 2023
This years theme is: Let Freedom Read!


October 1-7, 2023, is National Banned Book Week. This week works to raise awareness about book bans and censorship in our schools and other public institutions. 

Book banning in this country is nothing new, but recent attempts to limit what students can read are overreaching like never before. 

Resources for educators, community leaders and students

  1. The American Library Association provides workshops, social media toolkits and important data on the rise of censorship across the United States.
  2. Let Freedom Read Day of Action (October 7) – Take action to help defend books from censorship and to stand up for the library staff, educators, writers, publishers, and booksellers who make them available!
  3. Check out the facebook page for Banned Books Week to watch videos and share posts to spread the word.
  4. Sign up for a workshop or event with Banned Books Week honorary chair, Levar Burton.
  5. Read about the rise of censorship from
  6. CFT President Jeff Freitas writes about the danger of censorship and what we can do to fight back